Best Cat Toy For Endless Fun: Interactive LED Light to Entertain Your Pets


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100% Safe: The LED light is perfectly safe for your cats and dogs to play with.
Interactive & Entertaining: This cat toy gives you an opportunity to interact endlessly with your beloved pets, letting them exercise and have fun effortlessly.
Chargeable with Mini USB Cable: It comes with a USB cable suitable for any socket or computer.
Stainless Steel: The toy has a stainless steel finish.
Easy to Control & Portable - You can take this teaser toy anywhere and everywhere with your pet. Go ahead, and have fun!

LED type: 3 * modes (red + purple + white)
LED life: 10,000 hours
Material: Stainless steel
Color: Silver


Keep your pet busy and entertained for hours effortlessly with this LED light toy!

Package includes:

1*Multifunction LED light pen.
1* USB mini Charging Cable.
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  • Accepts EveryMarket Gift Cards
EveryMarket keeps your payment information secure.