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Safely and easily removes lids, leaving a smooth edge that is suitable for resealing with a plastic lid
Blade made of stainless steel; ergonomic handle; dishwasher safe
Great for resealing dog and cat food cans, or coffee cans
Turn knob is comfortable to hold and turns easily; cuts from the side leaving the rim smooth, not sharp or jagged
LidLifter jaws clamp on to remove lid from can and then releases into trash with a push of a button

The revolutionary self-attaching design grips easily to the can, minimizing effort needed to open cans.

No Sharp Edges to hurt your fingers on! The LidLifter cuts through the can rim edge leaving smooth edges that allow you to replace the can lid if you'd like.

No mess and no sharp edges; the LidLifter stays clear of food inside the can because it cuts on the outside!

Step 1.

Place on top of the can with two arrows lined up with can rim.

Step 2.

Twist knob clockwise. Opener will automatically grip lid and begin to cut. After a full circle, you will feel less resistance. Stop and the can is open!

Step 3.

Turn the knob counter clockwise to release. Then use the mini-pliers push button to lift lid cleanly and easily!

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