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OPENS STUBBORN CANS: The can opener's extra sharp cutting wheel easily slices through metal can lids. A built-in lid lifter prevents the newly removed top from falling into the canned food and leaving behind slivers of metal.
NO SHARP EDGES: This side-cutting opener leaves a smooth rim in its wake, so there is no risk of getting cut by a jagged edge when you are rinsing out the can to put in the recycling bin.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The opener's soft, anti-slip handles are easy to grip - which is especially handy for senior citizens. It also has a large turning knob that moves fluidly so operation is less difficult.
EXCELLENT CRAFTSMANSHIP: This manual can opener is constructed with premium stainless steel and will not break if it falls or is dropped. It is easy to clean, and will not rust.
MAKES A GREAT GIFT: This easy-turn designcan opener is a terrific gift idea for the gourmet in your life. It is stylish, modern, and performs expertly. It also features handy hanging holes on the handle

· Is the turning knob on your can opener hard to grasp, so you open cans in a jerky fashion as you rotate it?
· Is your can opener's cutting wheel dull, so it cannot cut though some metal lids, or leaves behind jagged pieces on the rim?
· Does your can opener drop the freshly cut lid back onto the food inside the can, raising the risk of finding metal shards in your food?

Then you need to get the Smooth Edge Can Opener from Kiartten - it opens tough cans without doing damage to your hands!

· Extra sharp cutting wheel carves through even the toughest metal lids with great ease
· Opener features an oversized turning knob and the good soft grips handle is ergonomic, and will not slip in your hands during operation
· Smooth edge side cutting can opener leaves no serrated rim in its wake so you will not slice your hands rinsing the tin
· Can opener's built-in lid lifter will not drop cut lid back onto food in the can
· Opener is constructed of high quality stainless steel - will not rust or break

The Kiartten Can Opener is a safe and easy way to open your tinned goods. Its sharp easy turn design is convenient for everyone to use - especially senior citizens. The opener leaves behind no loose metal that could cut users, and even comes with an added bonus

Do not let opening cans be tough on your hands EVER AGAIN

Our many satisfied customers know we craft our products with their safety in mind. We use only the highest quality materials and strictest standards in our manufacturing.

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