DeShedding Brush Wooden Design, Effective Grooming Tool for Dog, Cat and Horse Fur Remove

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✔ Effective and Efficient Deshedding Promised: Stainless Steel Edge with uniformly distributed teeth quickly and easily removes loose undercoat hair.
✔ Made of High Quality Natural Basswood: extremely durable and lightweight.
✔ Ergonomic Non-slip Wooden Design: Perfect fit for human hands as well as the pet's body.
✔ Beautiful Package: Perfect as a gift for your families and friends
✔ LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Buy with confidence! We stand behind our products! Our tool will give your pet the best shedding experience or you will receive your money back. We promise you all the benefits, at zero risk.

If you have a pet, you know how frustrating pet hair can be. Pet leave hair everywhere. Even you vacuum, dust and clean the house everyday, you still see new tumbleweeds of hair rolling across the floor. The most embarrassed thing is when you go out to dinner and look down, you also find beautiful cat hairs firmly attached to the suit. FURRY FIDO Wooden DeShedding Brush is a perfect design to brush off excessive hair for Dog, Cat and Horse. If your pet has a thick coat, you can help to keep in-house shedding under control by regular weekly brushing with our comb which is super effective by thousands pet owners testified. It can reduce 98% fur trouble from your house.
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