FURRY FIDO Interactive Dog Toys Durable Dog Ball and Treat Dispensing for Dogs/Cats (Most Durable)

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INTERACTIVE FUN & DEVELOPS IQ - This interactive ball toy gives your furry friends hours of fun while also helping develop their IQ and keeping them fit! Throw and fetch like any other ball, or let them chew on it and find the hidden treats. With all the benefits packed in a tiny body, this bouncy ball is here to make your pets' life better.
DISPENSES TREATS - Fill the ball with your dog's favorite treats, and let him retrieve them one by one! When he chews or rolls the ball and the designs match between the outer shell and the inner shell, treats will fall out of the ball. The holes on the ball are different in sizes and shapes, offering various levels of challenge and thrill.
GOOD MATERIAL - Made of thermoplastic rubber, durable safe for your best friend to chew on.
FOR HEALTHY TEETH - The soft and durable rubber is perfect for keeping dogs' teeth healthy, and the bone patterns on the surface make it easy to bite. (plus it's too cute to resist!)
LIFETIME GUARANTEE - At FurryFido we stand behind our product and offer 100%, lifetime money back guarantee. Your pets will have all the fun in the world - or you get your money back. We guarantee to provide you with the very best, with zero risk!

If you are looking for a fun toy to get your furry friends to exercise and develop IQ all at the same time, look no further than FurryFido's Interactive Treat-Dispensing Ball Toy! 


We love dogs too, and know that your heart's desire is for your canine friend to be healthy physically and more - to stimulate their mind and develop their IQ. This ball will help do just that, through challenging your dogs to figure out how to dispense the treats inside as they play and interact with the toy. 


We don't want your furniture to be your dog's toy! FurryFido's ball toy will keep your dog entertained and engaged for hours, preventing them from heading to your favorite household goods to meet their chewy desire.


Made of non-toxic and indestructible thermoplastic rubber, this ball is extremely durable and safe for your active friend to chew on and play with.

Color: Blue 

Pattern: Bones 

Size: the ball - approx. 3 inches in diameter / the opening for treat dispenser - 0.65 inches in diameter 

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