Multipurpose Electronic Digital Infrared Thermometer For In-Ear and Underarm


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Taking the temperature of a sick child can be a real struggle. With our instant digital infrared ear thermometer it doesn't have to be a struggle, just lightly press the patients ear canal, press the button and you will get an instant reading ! Fast and accurate! With an accuracy of ± 0.4 °F (± 0.2 °C) within its rated range, this FDA approved thermometer will give you instant readings you can rely on. Easily switches between Fahrenheit and Celsius. The thermometer turns itself off after 1 minute, so there's no extra fussing with switches. Our thermometer is keeping track of your records, the 10 last temperatures will get stored in the memory, so by scrolling through you can quickly see if a fever is going up or down. The backlit display is easy to read in light or dark Replace your old thermometer with one that is instant, convenient, accurate, compact, and reliable !

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  • Accepts EveryMarket Gift Cards
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