Nature Dry scrape Body Brush -- 4 in 1 & Dry Skin Brushing -AsaVea Reduces Cellulite Stress While Boosting Immune System Skins Appearance Circulation, All-Natural Materials Long Wood Handle Boar Bristle Brushy

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  • IMPROVES SKIN'S APPEARANCE: This body brush for dry brushing makes your skin look better by decreasing the amount of ugly cellulite, clogged pores, and ingrown hairs, as well as burnishing off all of the dead skin cells.【You can search 'Dry Skin Brush' on YouTube to find some tips on how to use the product better, or you can just open the official AsaVea website to get the information.】
  • BOOSTS IMMUNE SYSTEM HEALTH: The dry body bath brush invigorates the circulatory system - which can revitalize the entire body - stimulates digestion, and encourages drainage of the entire lymphatic system.
  • IMPROVES MUSCLE ACTION: The penetrating massaging action from this natural bristle dry body brush stimulates and refreshes the body's muscle system which helps to relieve stress.
  • ALL-NATURAL MATERIALS: This body scrub brush is constructed from organic substances found readily in nature. The 16.7inch handle is made entirely of wood, and the medium-firm bristles are 100% boar.
  • SPA LOVER'S DELIGHT: This body brush for cellulite is the #1 must-have for every home-spa enthusiast you know. Its long handle allows the user to maneuver the rejuvenating brush head anywhere that needs exfoliation and massaging.
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