[New Version] [Adjustable Brightness] EnPassion 16 LED Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights and Tray


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PERFECT BRIGHTNESS: The 16 LEDs has the perfect brightness for makeup and skincare. When you press long firmly on the ON/OFF button, the brightness is adjustable for your need, satisfying makeup needs day and night.
[Customer Testimonials]: Sometimes I feel like the light in my bathroom it is not enough I have been looking for me or give me that little extra light that I want. This if defiantly it
[Customer Testimonials]: I know on many other mirror reviews, people complain about how their lights have already gone out. That is not the case in the mirror, it still lights up as bright as the first day, and I love the dimming ability. Overall, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants a clean, sleek mirror.
[Customer Testimonials]: Very cute bought as a gift for my sister. She absolutely loves it.
[Customer Testimonials]: I tested it before I was going to give it to my friend for her birthday and it worked perfectly. The brightness was great the mirror was clean and great to look threw.

[Customer Testimonials]:
I purchased this awesome mirror for my daughter. The mirror is lightweight and portable. It is super easy to take apart and put it in her purse, backpack, or suitcase and take it on the go. My daughter currently has this vanity mirror on her desk, which she will be using every day. The mirror is very sturdy. The design of this black color frame and tray vanity mirror is sleek and very cute. This vanity mirror seems very grown up for her now - kids grow up way too fast! My daughter loves it and I really like it too. The stand and LED light are both easy to adjust. You can easily adjust the white LED light to the brightness that suits you by pressing the touch screen button.

[Customer Testimonials]:
I am always in poor lighting when doing my makeup and have actually been told that I am too pale or that by my beloved once at lunch that I was actually orange. I had no idea that my makeup wasn't setting and that I couldn't see well. It's really embarrassing to not know that your makeup it not being applied correctly when you are spending money for high end products. I got this mirror in the hopes that I would be able to see myself for one more closely because my countertop is huge and I'm on the short side and secondly that it would illuminate my face enough that I would no longer be pale or orange leaving out of my house in the morning. I have been using my mirror for weeks now and it has definitely solved my problem. I really enjoy using it and it doesn't take up much space at all and it is light weight enough that it's easy to move on my counter top. I've I do splash anything on the surface it's easily wiped off as well.

LED: 16 LEDs
Material: ABS
Color: Black
Weight: 510g
Powered by 4*AA Batteries
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