Samsung Galaxy S8+ Case, Ubittek Dynamic Stroked Line Pattern Trim Durable Anti-Slip TPU Ultra Thin Case For Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (Black)


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Absolute Protection: Introducing a ultra thin phone case for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, designed to provide 100% protection to your device, thanks the added drop dispersing protection ensured by the featured curved and alternating impact absorbing geometric pattern.
Sleek and stylish: Unique and aesthetically appealing thin case for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, features a TPU profile that jazzes up the slim and streamlined appearance. Comes with perfectly shaped outer layer that's tough and flexible enough to perfectly fit every edge and curve of your smartphone.
Flawless Access to Ports and Buttons: This amazing Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus case is exquisitely and precisely shaped to suit your dynamic lifestyle while allowing a flawless access to all ports and buttons. Never settle for less, stick with the best.
Sturdy and Durable: This product is made of a high quality and flexible thermoplastic urethane material which is characterised by its sturdy and lightweight nature. Your device is well guarded and protected from falls and scratches with this quality phone case in charge.
Ergonomically Designed: The ergonomic design of our Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus case gives you a convenient non-slip hand grip to prevent accidental dropping of your device. It also features a slightly raised front lip and back tapered lips which protect your screen and rear camera lens from touching flat surfaces.

Sleek Protection with Flexible, High Performance TPU
The Ubittek Dynamic Stroked Line Pattern Trim Durable Anti-Slip Case is manufactured from impact absorbing TPU and features a high performance distinctive design. The profile is textured to offer a sporty,versatile,brushed metal appearance.Cutouts provide access to all ports and buttons. Buttons with Active Touch Technology provide enhanced style and allows full functionality.
● Shock Absorption Technology
● Military Grade Protection
● Inner Shock Dispersion Pattern
● Impact Resistant Flexible TPU
● Secure Comfort Fit
● Superior Tactile Grip
● Precision Cutouts
● Brushed Metal Texture Design
● Fully compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Brushed Metal Textured Design
Flexible TPU profile gives the case a sophisticated look with protection covering the side edges and all four corners.

Secure Comfort Fit and Superior Tactile Grip
The case is manufactured from specialized thermoplastic urethane that is extremely durable. It safely guards your device against scrapes and scratches while providing a flexible and comfortable fit. The lightweight design is extremely sturdy and it will not weigh down or bulk up the slim Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.
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  • Accepts EveryMarket Gift Cards
EveryMarket keeps your payment information secure.