Our Story

The Story of Every Market

While our founder was traveling the world, one of the most exciting parts of every place he visited was the discovery of new products that were locally made. There were some amazing items he had come to appreciate and his natural instinct was to stock up on as many goodies as possible to share with his friends and family. Obviously, there was a limit to how much he could actually stuff into his suitcase and carry-on bag from every trip back to New York.

On almost every occasion after his return home, he’d experience travel withdrawal symptoms and nostalgia remembering the scents, the foods, the music, the local lifestyle and products that had become a part of his memories. He spent hours online searching for products but was unsuccessful. The shipping was too expensive, the website had too little information and did not seem reliable, or the price of the item was overly inflated.

If only there was a credible and affordable online store where he could conveniently order authentic products from around the world! This is what he thought a countless number of times!

The idea grew into a passion and it finally became a reality in 2009, when everymarket.com was born. Together with friends who shared the same dream, the online website was created with 100% commitment to enriching our customer’s lives by bringing the world to their fingertips.

We have opened the door for our customers to come to us anytime to let us know what products they are in search of so that we can source them locally and bring them to their doorsteps.

Over the years, we’ve expanded to include international offices and warehouses in the UK, Australia, China, Egypt, Malaysia, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, and more.

Our company is still evolving every year, but our dream never changed.


To enrich people’s lives by building the world’s most convenient, accessible, and customer-friendly online marketplace offering practically everything from everywhere for everyone